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Autumn schedule 4 September – 15 December 2023

UPDATE 18 October 2023: 

We have unfortunately decided to close Ashtanga Yoga Lund permanently in the middle of December 2023.

If you have a valid 10-time card now, please come and use it before 14 December! If you do not have that possibility, please contact us and we will try to figure out a solution.


THURSDAY 17:00 - 19:00: MYSORE / MIHO

Sign up here:



  • To participate, you will need to sign up at our partner Medborgarskolan's website. Please visit the links above.

  • The fee for the Mysore classes is set as a 10-week course, which means that you make a commitment for 10 weeks. We will open a new registration page for another course when this initial 10-week period ends.

  • If you wish to start participating in Mysore classes in the middle of this 10-week period, you don't have to wait; simply e-mail the teacher and we will sort it out. Please note in that case, that you need a door code to enter the building, therefore we ask you to contact us before you come to practice the first time (at latest 24h before your visit).

  • You can also drop in for just one Mysore class, please contact us the teachers to get the door code. The drop-in price is 175 SEK per class.  



  • Student and pensioners’ discount 20% is available. We also offer concessions if you’re unemployed. The option of paying in several installments is available. Please contact us should you have any questions.


  • If you have a monthly card or a 10-time card from Ashtanga Yoga Malmö, you do not have to register yourself for Mysore classes. You can just turn up and practice. So if you plan to practice both in Malmö and Lund, getting their membership card can be a good idea. See Malmö schedule here



  • Thursday 14/9: Helena covers Miho's Mysore class

  • Thursday 28/9: Helena covers Miho's Mysore class



If you’re new to Ashtanga yoga, it may be appropriate to start by attending a beginners/foundation course in order to get an insight into how this type of yoga is practiced. The foundation courses are also suitable for those who have already practiced other types of yoga, but who want to learn the Ashtanga yoga method thoroughly and gain better knowledge of its principles.


Beginners/foundation courses provide you with the basics of Ashtanga yoga. We always start with a brief introduction to the philosophy of yoga followed by a gradual learning of standing asanas (postures) from the Ashtanga yoga primary series. We focus mainly on learning how to synchronize breath and movement (vinyasa krama), and understand the concept of Bandha (energy locks in the body) and Drishti (focus for the eyes).


All foundation course participants are encouraged to join the Mysore classes in parallel with the course. One complementary Mysore class per week is included in the foundation course price.


MYSORE class is the traditional form of teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga. It’s the way Ashtanga yoga was (and still is) originally taught in Mysore, India. The participants memorize (or at least try to memorize, with the help of cheat sheets which we have available) the Ashtanga yoga sequence, and practice at their own pace and according to their own ability whilst the teacher gives personal guidance and adjustments. You practice the postures that you have learned, and when the teacher finds that you are ready to move on, you will get instructions for the next posture.

We work with the Ashtanga yoga sequences as a framework but try to help each practitioner find variations and adaptations that suit the particular individual. Classes are mixed level with beginners practicing next to more seasoned practitioners. You don’t have to arrive before the class starts; you can arrive late, but you need to finish your practice before the end of the class.


LED class is guided by the teacher by using Sanskrit count and English, and the students go through the sequence without interruption. No detailed instructions other than for in and exhalation and the Sanskrit names of postures are given. Students are asked to stop at their last posture and wait until the finishing sequence unless the teacher invites them to continue. Contrary to Mysore style everyone begins and ends the class together and all participants are thus asked to come on time for class. The class covers the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga. You don’t need to be able to do the whole sequence to participate, but the class is not suitable for complete beginners of Ashtanga yoga. If you are not sure whether you can attend or not, please contact us and tell us about your experience.


For other questions that you may have about Ashtanga yoga, this page might help you: 

Or please write to us from the Contact page. 


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